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Communication Skills Shared by Great Leaders

Effective business leaders exhibit many of the same communication behaviors. We are working to learn from their examples in The North Point Executives leadership approach as well. Here are the good habits we’re practicing as we strive to become stronger communicators:

Providing Honest Feedback: Effective leaders know the importance of praise and constructive input. We are careful to customize our feedback and offer it during face-to-face meetings. Honest input on performance is a great way to keep people motivated to do their best work.

Listening First: We are careful to completely listen to others’ thoughts before offering our own. Each North Point Executive colleague deserves to have his or her ideas heard and fully understood, after all. The best leaders show their engagement by nodding along and leaning in slightly while others are speaking. We model these behaviors, and then we take a brief pause before responding with the most insightful reply we can manage.

Being Open: This goes both for transparency and being available. We are clear in the reasoning behind every decision we make. An open-door policy has also become standard throughout The North Point Executives workspace. We want everyone to feel involved in big company decisions. More than that, we want our people to feel welcome to share their ideas.

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